Our team of seasoned multicultural professionals has all the necessary resources at its fingertips to give you innovative ideas to get your products and services in front of the right lead

  • Focus Groups

  • Event Concept Development

  • Branding Identity

  • Graphic Design

  • Merchandising

  • Video Production

  • Content-Driven Engagement

The influence of these important consumers is rapidly expanding. Today, multicultural shoppers control more than $3.4 trillion in buying power thanks to a growing population, advancements in education and business, as well as an intense interest in everything tech.

(Source CMC)

We strive to create the best-orchestrated story for your brand. Whether it's building and maintaining your reputation, growing your business, creating a positive impact in the community. ContigoCreative will make sure your brand is well represented. Having top experts on Cultural Branding' on your side secures your ROI on your Multicultural marketing efforts.

Meet Our Team

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Javier Avendaño

Managing Partner 

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Martha Mercado

Video Producer

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Alexandra Matlock

Founder & Partner

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Ricardo Urbano

Multicultural Digital Specialist

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Tan Girard

Chief Graphic Designer

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Cynthia Castor

Communications & Engagement

ContigoCreative is a Marketing Hybrid Agency that meets each client’s unique needs by integrating a wide range of state-of-the-art and digital services. Our headquarter office is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and we have offices in Mexico and Colombia. ContigoCreative has a strong national track record of introducing clients to the fast-growing markets. We are ideally positioned to make this crucial introduction not only because of our vibrant team of experts, but because we ourselves are part of this dynamic customer base.

Our services are competitive in any market, from Memphis to Atlanta; New York to Los Angeles; Chicago to Houston.

By focusing on innovative techniques like Inbound marketing, eye-catching events, video production, etc., we make sure our clients are always on the cutting edge and always reaching their customers efficiently and effectively. We also offer the full gamut of traditional services, and we know precisely which ones are trusted in various markets.

Still, our success is based on more than that. ContigoCreative works by building relationships and partnerships with our clients. We work hard to first understand your needs and goals, and then we continue with open and honest communication as we develop the program that works for you. Contigo encourages every client to choose from our full menu of services to create the unique integrated campaign specifically tailored to their needs.

We look forward to your company joining our list of clients across the country who are sharing their story with their next group of loyal customers. We know that  to reach the right marketplace is crucial to your ability to expand, and we’re excited to be your ally in developing the relationships you need moving forward.



Alexandra Matlock

Founder and Partner