Our community is increasingly diverse – and we think that’s worth celebrating. What better way to celebrate than by connecting multicultural job seekers with leading employers that know the way to build a stronger community is to be open and inclusive?

That’s what happens at the Multicultural Career Expo, set for March 13 at Hilton Memphis. Going into its fourth year, the event has built a stellar track record as a one-of-a-kind opportunity for professionals of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, etc. to expand their career horizons by connecting with some of the Mid-South’s most influential companies.

These are companies that have recognized the importance of a diverse workforce.

For one thing, diverse employees reflect the community these companies serve. By mirroring the multiculturalism that makes our city strong, companies gain understanding of what their clients want and need. This helps them better serve their customers and even tap into new markets.

Also, different backgrounds inevitably bring different perspectives and ideas. Without new ways of thinking, innovation stalls – but by hearing from diverse voices with varied life experiences, industry leaders benefit from a marketplace of ideas that can lead to the next big thing.

And last but certainly not least, workforce inclusion has a positive impact on our entire community. The Expo strives to decrease the unemployment rate for people of all cultures, meaning more consumers with more dollars to spend. Furthermore, the event helps keep the Mid-South’s best and brightest right here at home, where they can make a positive difference not only through their professional endeavors, but volunteer and civic work as well.

Global talent, diversity and inclusion are important tenets for moving our society toward a strong future. The Expo’s partners understand this, and they’re eager with you to make it happen.

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