What makes a city cosmopolitan? We polled some friends and searched the internet, and the answers were pretty consistent.

A cosmopolitan city is one where cultures mix happily. Its people are sophisticated and smart and modern, and its vibe is one of vitality and positive energy. It’s a destination for travelers. It has a little bit of everything in terms of food, languages, houses of worship.

When I think of a cosmopolitan city, I think of riding on the metro listening to a melody of different languages, walking past a falafel stand next to a taco place next to a sushi restaurant, having my pick of places to learn and worship and shop and relax. In short, I think of a great city where I want to spend time and where I want to get to know the people.

Indeed, the definition of a cosmopolitan person is someone who is “familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures” and is “travelled, cultured, sophisticated, stylish.”

Apply that to a city, and I’d say you’ve got a pretty cool place.

So, perhaps the bigger, more important question, is this: How can a city become cosmopolitan? Unlike a person, it can’t go on a trip around the world. It can’t enroll at a university and learn foreign languages, and it can’t go out for Thai or Ethiopian food.

But it can most certainly welcome people who do!

The way for a city to become cosmopolitan is to embrace people from all walks of life; to offer something welcoming and comfortable yet also exciting and fresh to everyone, no matter what language they speak, where they were born, how they worship, etc.

And in order for a city to do that, it has to be livable for a diverse population – and in Memphis, that’s where the Multicultural Career Expo comes into play. Memphis is already a diverse and vibrant place to live, and the Expo is building on that by helping people from all backgrounds find fulfilling careers. The event unites the Mid-South’s top employers in a variety of industries with job and internship candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds. It helps employers find a workforce that has the skills and life experiences they need to thrive, and it helps job seekers find positions that make it possible and desirable for them to build their lives in the Bluff City.

We hope you’ll join us for this year’s Multicultural Career Expo, set for Monday, March 19 from 2-7 p.m. at Hilton Memphis, 939 Ridge Lake Boulevard. This year’s event is bigger and better than ever, with a new targeted approach that makes sure employers are meeting job seekers who have precisely the skills they need for positions they’re looking to fill.

A place where cultures mix happily, full of people who are sophisticated and smart and modern, brimming with positive energy. It’s the description of a cosmopolitan city, but it could describe the Multicultural Career Expo as well. We hope you’ll come out and see how the two go hand in hand! For more information, visit

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