At ContigoCreative, our services run the full spectrum, both in terms of what we offer and how we stay engaged throughout the entire process.

Online Strategies

Offline Strategies

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Website Design &  Development 

  • Mobile App Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Online Public Relations

  • Event Management

  • Event Concept Development 

  • Branding Identity

  • Graphic Design 

  • Merchandising

  • Video Production 

  • Media Buying



To help define your needs, ContigoCreative will…

Evaluate your products and services.

Pinpoint the Latino segment you want to target.

Help you establish clear objectives and measureable goals.

Set a reasonable budget to meet your aspirations.

Uncover culturally relevant insights.

Share with you our  professional view about the Latino market


To make sure your message engages the Latino community, ContigoCreative will…

Develop the right message that speaks directly to Latino customers’ needs and values.

Create a marketing strategy focused on the Latino marketplace.

Build a media-planning tool that forges a direct path to reach your audience.

Help you build meaningful, authentic relationships.

Stay by your side to make sure your plans and relationships flourish.


To put you in front-and- center with a new audience, ContigoCreative will…

Execute all aspects of your strategic plan.

Public relations campaigns.

Place advertising where it will be seen by Latino consumers. 

Create grassroots marketing campaigns with a Latino flair.

Utilize our extensive multicultural networks to help you build the right relationships.


To help you dive into the Hispanic market, ContigoCreative will…

Create video with relevant content and designs

Oversee guerilla marketing encounters.

Community events, radio remotes, field marketing special projects and relationship management.

Gauge your ROI for media programs targeting Latinos.

Keep your plan fresh by suggesting new ways to stand out from the crowd.

Continue to manage every detail to keep your plan on track.